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(((my solemn miracle
monument for an age to come
this son I cut from stone
a grave stillness of the horizon
product of my brazen hands
this shape is of my progeny
and as sure as I will wither
in him
I will be)))

no way, no way, my offspring is he
my eyes, my face, my violent grace
have you lost your head
no way

when my child attacks I will sing
(((and you shall hear silence)))
his subtle movements' praise
(((for what move more subtle than a mountain?)))
the rhythm of his jaws
(((not thee)))
all I am is he
the melody of his muscles I wrote
and named it after me

cold stone, dead stone
your name is unknown
your statue will fall
and you'll lose your head
your name
no name

(((and you who claim to know exactly enough
are tainted by your own experimental violence
and as your lungs fill
with the dust swept up in my century
his tongue will sing the song of my silence
I will be
I will be remembered
in my stone offspring
bury myself into the sky
like a candle melting in reverse
and you will fall
still and silent
in the shadow of my scion)))

where we converge
marble shapes grow claws


from Hymns from the Blazing Flesh, released October 12, 2011




Stairs to Nowhere Amsterdam, Netherlands

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